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There are a few ways to access the Mass on TV

•Verizon carries the noon daily Mass from St. Mary of Mercy Parish in Downtown on WEPA, Channel 462.
•The St. Mary of Mercy Sunday noon Mass is available on Comcast, (city of Pittsburgh only) on Channel 95.
•It can also be watched over the air (without cable) on the Cornerstone’s Faith and Family Channel, 40.6.
•St. Paul Cathedral Sunday 10:00 AM Mass is available on Comcast, (city of Pittsburgh only) on Channel 95.
•Sunday Mass from WPXI TV Studio is available at 6:00 AM on PCNC and MeTV on Verizon and Comcast
but you will have to check with your local listing guide. It can also be watched over the air on MeTV (with antenna).

St. Mary of Mercy

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Saint Paul Cathedral

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Spiritual Resources:
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Lent and Easter Liturgies

Note from Father Steve:

I know that being together to celebrate Holy Week is very different for us all and very difficult, I want you to know that I, along with our clergy team, will be celebrating all of the Holy Week and Triduum liturgies for our entire parish community. Sadly, the churches must remain locked and no parishioners can attend any of the liturgies due to the current mandates from the authorities. I ask and encourage you to still try and experience the wonderful celebration of Holy Week at home. If you have access to the internet, remember that there are many places to find the mass and the liturgies at our St. Paul Cathedral where Bishop Zubik will be live streaming. If you cannot watch on the computer remember the masses on television. You can also pray the prayers that work for you and read the readings from your Bibles.

Ways to celebrate Holy Week and Easter at home

Prayer space. Create a simple prayer space in your home, and gather there to pray during the week.

Have smaller meals. Fasting, one of the most ancient spiritual disciplines. It is something we all can do in our own personal ways. It does not have to be just about food as one can fast from watching television or staying off of the computer for a time. Fasting or abstaining from the things we like can remind everyone of the solemnity of the week leading up to Holy Saturday. Talk with your family about how giving up something we enjoy can remind us of Jesus’ giving up his life for us.

Read together about the events of the last weeks of Jesus’ life from your Bible. Husbands and wives as well as parents and children can do this together when refraining from the television or computer. Children who are old enough can read some of the passages to the family.

Palm Sunday: At your regular Mass time, read the first Palm Sunday Gospel (Mt 21:1–11) and meditate on or discuss what Jesus might be thinking as he enters Jerusalem for the last time.

On Holy Thursday, talk about the Last Supper and have an image of it at dinner. Celebrate an at-home foot washing ceremony on using the account of the Lord’s Supper in John 13:1-11. Washing someone else’s feet, especially for children to wash their parents’ feet and each other’s, can be a powerful experience. You could pray, “God, we remember today how Jesus served his friends by washing their feet. Help us to serve others, too.” Bake bread for sharing at dinner; make a ritual of stripping the dinner table of all cloths and decorations after dinner.

On Good Friday, try to keep silent from noon until 3:00 PM remembering the passion and death of Jesus and what it means for us Remind children and one another that the people did not make Jesus suffer for us but that Jesus willingly suffered for us, because of His incredible Love for us! Make it a challenge to see who can remain silent the longest for Jesus to thank Him! Pray the Stations of the Cross at 3 p.m.

On Easter Sunday, celebrate at home in a big way. Make “Christ is risen!” banners to hang around the house. Consider making special deserts or foods. Make special decorations if possible, to decorate the spaces where your family gathers. Teach your children the traditional Easter refrain we do in church: “Christ the Lord is risen today, Alleluia!” Dress up the dinner table again. Include candles and crosses, so that the candy baskets aren’t the only festive items present. Sing Alleluia and read the Easter Gospel (Matthew 28:1-10) with solemnity and joy.

Drive-in Adoration

In these days when there is much fear of the unknown. Businesses are closing , gatherings are being canceled we are being encouraged to observe social distancing , so we are feeling nervous and alone when we would usually gather in our churches and houses or worship, but they are closed as well.

Our pastor at the Catholic Community of South Pittsburgh, father Steve Kresak, has set a place for adoration where we can pray to our God in the safety of our own cars.

Because we cannot leave all of our church buildings open for private prayer and adoration during the Corona Virus crisis, you can drive into the parking lot at Saint Albert the Great Church, face your car towards the front of the church and pray privately in the safety of your car. We set up a wonderful chapel with the tabernacle in the vestibule behind the glass doors for all who want to come and pray!

Please join us in prayer at Holy Apostles parish, Saint Albert the Great Church

Please continue to stay safe.

Pope Francis Urges Catholics to Pray the Rosary

Today at 4:00 PM

Amid worsening conditions related to the global coronavirus outbreak, Pope Francis urged Catholics to unite spiritually to pray the rosary simultaneously today on the Feast of Saint Joseph.

All Masses in the Diocese of Pittsburgh Cancelled
Bishop David Zubik Calls for a Day of Prayer


In light of increasing updates on and concerns about the coronavirus (COVID-19), Bishop David Zubik has made the decision to cancel all weekday and Sunday Masses in the Diocese of Pittsburgh effective Monday, March 16, 2020, until further notice.

Building Our “NEW” Parish Community

Parish Council Meeting

This past Tuesday (March 10, 2020), I (Father Steve) met with the combined parish Finance Counsel and Pastoral Counsel to review the recent parish assemblies and to ask for any feedback provided from parishioners as well as their own feedback. Overall the comments were positive and informative. We also discussed the next steps in our merger process. I shared information about the petitions that needed to be signed by them and sent to the bishop. Each of our individual parishes completes a form petitioning the bishop to merge that parish with the other two parishes in the grouping. There are three petitions we completed and signed and I will now mail them to the bishop. The next step of the merger process is to await for the decree from Bishop Zubik to officially merge our parishes into one and that will be sometime in May. In the meantime we are working together to prepare for the administrative tasks that will need to be completed. If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to email me or call my office and I will be happy to discuss it with you.

Parish Assemblies (Early March)

Recently, assemblies were held in our Community regarding the upcoming merger in July of our three parishes.  Father Steve, Deacon Andy and Deacon Dan presented various segments of the presentation. The information presented was projected to a screen via a PowerPoint presentation.

Here are links to that presentation in three different formats for your convenience:

  1. Original PowerPoint (pptx Format)
  2. Movie of the PowerPoint Slides (mp4 Format – each slide displays for ten seconds)
  3. PowerPoint Slides as PDF documents (pdf Format)

PowerPoint     Movie      PDF Document

A repeating slideshow of pictures taken at the many events held in our parishes during the past years was presented.  Here is a link to that picture slideshow.

New Year’s Eve Mass Schedule

December 31, 2019

4:00 PM — Saint Albert the Great Church
4:00 PM — Holy Angeles Church
4:00 PM — Saint Sylvester Church

New Year’s Day Mass Schedule

January 1,  2020

9:00 AM — Saint Basil Church
9:30 AM — Holy Angels Church
10:00 AM — Saint Sylvester Church

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