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Staff Serving the Community

Holy Apostles Parish
Saint Albert the Great Church and Office
3198 Schieck St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15227
(412) 884-7744
Fax (412) 884-2300
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St. Basil Church ~ (no office)
1735 Brownsville Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15210
See Map

St. Norbert Church ~ (no office)
2413 St. Norbert St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15243
See Map

St. Wendelin Church ~ (no office)
2728 Custer Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15227
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Holy Angels Parish Church and Office
408 Baldwin Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15207
(412) 461-6906
Fax (412) 461-0961
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St. Sylvester Parish Church and Office
3754 Brownsville Rd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15227
(412) 882-8593
Fax (412) 882-0153
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Reverend Stephen A. Kresak 

Sr. Parochial Vicars
Reverend Robert J. Ahlin

Reverend Kenneth A. Sparks

Parochial Vicar
Reverend Levi D. Hartle

Deacon Michael J. Babcock

Deacon James R. Grab

Deacon Daniel E. Nizan

Deacon Andrew J. White

Deacon Timothy B. Zenchak

Deacon Andy White
Business Manager
Ext. 204

Deacon Dan Nizan
Pastoral Associate
Ext. 207

Mary Ann Negley
Administrative Assistant
Ext. 201

Cheryl DePretis
Administrative Assistant
Ext. 105

Cindy Depretis
Bulletin Editor
Ext. 109

Judy Lee
Ext. 200

Jane Long
Ext. 130

Lou Ann Shannon
Safe Environment
Ext. 223
Ministry Scheduling
Ext. 223


Religious Education
Carolyn Eisenbarth
Ext. 136

Lori Mandela
Ext. 222

Elaine Garfold
Ext. 112

Rosina Zilionis
Ext. 221

Music and Liturgy
Director of Music and Liturgy

Eileen Hite
Assistant Director of Music

Social Ministry
Mary Spinabelli
Ext. 202

Mimi Darragh
Ext. 135

Youth Ministry
Nicholas Wolf
Ext. 137

Anthony Bradley
Ext. 137

Jeff Jenney
Len Lis
John Reitmeyer
Mike Polarski