Student Faith Formation Program

“Our Faith Formation program (formerly called CCD) in the Catholic Community of South Pittsburgh (CCSP) strives to bring our best resources and efforts to assist parents in their role as first teacher of their child in the Catholic Faith.

Through their growing awareness of the presence of God in our world, children are encouraged and led to develop a personal relationship with God through prayer, worship, and service to others. Our faith is presented progressively through the study of the sacraments, Scripture and Catholic teachings.

Throughout the year, we develop and support various programs and activities that help to deepen our children’s relationship with God and the Church, to strengthen our families, and to provide opportunities to serve others.

As we are all “called by the Father, Centered in the Eucharist, led by the Spirit, walking in the footsteps of Christ,” attendance at weekend Mass is an essential, foundational part of a family’s faith. While faith can be fostered at home and developed in Faith Formation sessions, without the nourishment of weekly Mass with our faith community, it will not grow and mature in the way that will continue to strengthen our children and families.

Faith Formation sessions are offered at our three parish sites. You may choose whichever location is best for your family. Please complete the registration form and return it via email, mail or drop it off at either of our parish offices. The locations and sessions are listed below and on the Faith Formation registration form. The fee is $25 per child for the year. We ask that you please register by September 1st. Classes begin the middle of September.

If you have any questions or concerns, just call or email one of us on our CCSP Faith Formation Team:

Lori Mandela l   412-884-7744 ext. 222;
Elaine Garfold   412-461-6906 Ext.112;
Carolyn Eisenbarth   412-882-8593 ext. 136.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you in September!”

Holy Angels Parish
408 Baldwin Rd. – 15207

Meet in Church – Classes in School Building 

Saturday Morning (10:00-11:15 AM)
Grades Kindergarten, 1, 2, & 3

Monday Evening (6:45-8:00 PM)
Grades 4, 5, & 6

Tuesday Evening (6:45-8:00 PM)
Grades 7, & 8

Family Centered/Home program
Grades 1-8
Parent teaches child at home with materials and guidance from Faith Formation director

Holy Apostles Parish
3198 Schieck St. 15227

St. Albert the Great Faith Formation Building

Sunday Morning (8:30-9:20 AM)
Grades 1-8

Sunday Morning (9:50-10:40 AM)
Grades 1-8

Family Centered/Home program
Grades 1-8
Parent teaches child at home with materials and guidance from Faith Formation director

Saint Sylvester Parish
3754 Brownsville Rd. 15227

Saint Sylvester School Building

Monday Evening (6:15-7:30 PM)
Grades 1-8

Tuesday Evening (6:15-7:30 PM)
Grades 1-8

Family Centered/Home program
Grades 1-8
Parent teaches child at home with materials and guidance from Faith Formation director

Adult Faith Formation Program

For adults, the usual way to become a member of the Catholic Church is through The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). The RCIA is a gradual process of education and formation. Whether unbaptized or baptized in another Christian denomination, the RCIA program helps adults to grow in their relationship with God.

Classes focus both on teachings and practices of the Catholic faith, as well as, the value and application of faith in our daily lives. The process of becoming a Catholic is a four-step journey. This journey will take you through the various phases of discerning your call to become a Catholic and the living of that faith.

A sponsor accompanies each person desiring to become a Catholic. The sponsor may be chosen by the individual or provided by the parish. The sponsors offer support and guidance throughout the RCIA process and are encouraged to attend the weekly classes.

The RCIA classes are held in the Parish Faith Formation Building. These weekly sessions generally last one hour. Classes begin in the Fall and conclude a few weeks after Easter. Each week the class has an opportunity to review and discuss the scripture readings proclaimed at that Sunday’s mass. Also, a specific doctrine, belief or practice of the Catholic faith is presented. The class setting is informal and allows for dialogue, discussion and questions as those needs arise.

The first step of the journey is to contact the parish office. You will be given more information about the RCIA program and the opportunity to meet, should you desire.